Providing props and themed performers and working closely with our associate Events Catering Company, History Matters Ltd provides the stage show for multi-themed banquets and feasts under our Time Traveller’s Tavern banner.


Banquet Flags

We offer a vast range of performances and services, building up events with all necessary aspects taken into consideration and all at the approval of our clients wholly based on their requirements.

Below are just some of the services that we offer as part of our portfolio:

• A vast selection of catering menus, all relevant to the style or theme of the event. Our experience means that the tavern is able to cater for any size of event, irrespective of numbers. This can range from point of sale items (e.g. Hogroast), all the way through to multi-course fine dining experiences.

• A completely adaptable Tavern, supplying a whole range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Again, this is suitable for the theme or style of the event that the tavern is attending (E.g. Mulled wine, Mead, Ale etc). The tavern itself is ‘dressed’ according to the client’s requirements, e.g. A specific time period if the event is historically based, or specifically themed to the overall event theme.

• Fully researched and scripted interactive performances, with any number of costumed performers and staff. As a stand-alone attraction, the Tavern itself becomes an area that visitors step into the theme of the overall event. Alternatively, the Tavern can become a background attraction to the main events being staged as can be seen from the event descriptions below.

• Support event services ranging from Marquees, lighting engineers, sound engineers, props, costumes, catering equipment, catering supplies, security, transport solutions, media company and alternative vendor hire.


As well as the people, we also hire props to create the perfect theme.

As well as the people, we also hire props to create your perfect theme.