Scotland is a land steeped in History, Myths and Legends everywhere you look. From the prehistoric burial Cairns to the more ‘modern’ battlefields of the 14th and 18th Centuries, this rich land has plenty of secrets hidden with her misty Glens and dark Lochs.
We offer you the chance to experience the ‘hidden’ past with a journey through Scotland’s history; as well as through the countryside, by taking a driver/rider tour like no other!

Cave filming locations

Robert the Bruce’s cave?

Unlike your average package tour, we arrange every journey with you before you get here, meaning that the tour that you want is the one that you’ll get.

Here are some examples of tours that we offer:
Whisky distillery tour –
The Highlands and Islands of Scotland are renowned for the number of Whisky distilleries located there. Whatever your palate, we have a whisky to suit and easily reached. The distilleries that we visit are your choice, along with the option to go to a real live cooperage and watch the fascinating process of the whisky casks being built in front of your eyes. We can provide you with guidance on how to plan your whisky tasting experience, ensuring that you spend an amazing day seeing and tasting Scotland’s rich heritage.

Misty Isles tour –
Throughout the centuries, the Isles of Skye have inspired countless myths and legends, as well as producing a rich and varied history. They possess Magnificent mountain ranges and dark secretive Glens. Castles that have withstood centuries of warfare. Distilleries producing unique tastes from the dark peaty river waters. Waterfalls that cascade down the volcanic rocks, delivering the significant rainfall to the sea. Take the Clans that have lived here and you’ll get an idea of how their identity has been forged by the rough and unforgiving landscape they’ve inhabited. The history of these mysterious Isles is everywhere you look and quite simply, Skye has it all.

Castle in bloom

Castles to Cathedrals –
From the dark days of the real MacBeth, to the last series of battles ever fought on British soil, this tour will take you to a variety of castles representing Scotland’s turbulent past throughout the ages. We visit the mighty Urquhart castle, in parts ruined by its own garrison in an attempt to deny the Jacobites entry. From there, we move on to the more ‘modern’ Cawdor castle and find out the secrets contained within. Finally, we end our tour at Elgin Cathedral and hear about the infamous Wolf of Badenoch and his trail of terror and destruction, ending with the burning of the ‘Lantern of the North’ This is a tour that gives you a real insight into the value that castles played in Scotland’s past and the struggles to occupy them by friend and enemy alike.

Pirates and Smugglers –
The rugged coastline of the North East of Scotland is our destination on this tour. Throughout the ages; countless raiders, pirates and smugglers have occupied stretches of these dark and ominous coasts. We’ll visit a 17th Century harbour and immerse ourselves in the stories of treachery and deceit necessary to be a successful smuggler. Tales of the pirates attacking the ships coming back from the West Indies will become more real as we move further along the coast and see some of the original fishing villages that they sailed from. Finally, we’ll reach one of the last known outposts of the fabled Knights Templar before their complete disappearance in the 14th Century.

The prohibition tour –
Uisge Beatha – the water of life. Whisky is one of Scotland’s biggest exports, but the history of its creation is steeped with examples of desperate distillers and ruthless customs patrols. This tour will take you to some of the locations where illegal stills were running and show you the measures that were taken to hide their existence from the Government intent on collecting their due taxes. We’ll also visit the distilleries that are descended from the displaced Highlanders after their vicious betrayal during the dark period known as the Highland clearances.

Cheese and Whisky picnic –
A real treat for the taste-buds, this tour takes you to a local cheese making shop, giving you a chance to sample a variety of cheeses for your picnic. Then, it’s off to a whisky distillery to take a tour, ending in another tasting session. Once we have your chosen cheese and whisky on board, we travel down the side of Loch Ness, giving you the option to cruise on the Loch, before reaching a small stone summerhouse at the side of a river in full view of some waterfalls. While you explore your surroundings, we set up your picnic, showing you some time honoured traditions as the best way to enjoy your feast.

The taste of Scotland –
Another tour for the taste-buds, Scotland possesses many unique recipes that aren’t available throughout the world. We have Smokies from Arbroath, Cullin Skink from Cullin, Stornoway Black Pudding and of course, Haggis! Every area we go to has its own unique recipe, all steeped in tradition and the availability of local resources. We can compare different recipes and decide which one we like best, as we see Scotland through the stomach’s eye.

Blood and battlefields –
Throughout Scotland’s history, one constant that has connected every time period are the battles. Scotland is quite literally drenched in the blood of invasion and we have the battlefields to prove it. This tour is your chance to visit any of these battlefields and learn about the events leading up to the final confrontations of each event. From Bannockburn to Culloden, Stirling to Inverness, every area has a bloody story to tell.

Bannockburn Visitors Centre film

Scotland through the ages –
This fascinating trip through time uses various locations throughout the Highlands to transport you in time. Starting at Neolithic burial chambers, we move through the centuries incorporating Pictish standing stones, Celtic carvings, Scots castles, Viking trading centres and finish in the 18th Century with the outstanding Culloden visitors centre.

Outlander –
For fans of the popular novel and television series, we go to various locations that inspired Diana Gabaldon to write the first book in 1991. We’ll see the older parts of Inverness that feature in the books and visit the split stone that starts Claire’s journey into the past. We’ll also visit Culloden battlefield and learn more about the brave MacKenzie and Fraser clans. From there, a trip to a distillery to sample the Uisge Beatha will lift your spirits back up, before we head back through MacKenzie heartlands to the 13th Century town of Beauly. An ideal way to immerse yourself in 18th Century Scotland that comes so vividly to life through the novels.

The real Braveheart –
On this tour, we use a timeline to take you around key locations in Scotland that played such an important part in the first Scots Wars of Independence. You’ll hear about William Wallace, Edward Plantaganet, Robert de Bruce and a host of other hugely important medieval characters that fought over Scotland’s identity. Every location that we visit will connect you through the timeline to feel that you have a true understanding of the real Braveheart.

Lords of the Isles –
Since the days of Somerled in the 12th Century, the warriors of the Islands of Scotland held themselves apart from the Norman aristocracy of Scotland developing a fierce independence from first the Scottish, then the British crowns. On this tour, we’ll visit some of the locations that bred this independence and learn about the power struggles between the jealous aristocracy and the fierce Lords of the Isles.

The Clan tour –
For generations, the concept of Clan was all powerful but still subject to the old ways of honour and truth above all else. This way of life was brought to a climatic end in the 19th Century after over 200 years of Clan warfare. On this tour, we’ll go to your Clan’s heartland and see what influence and power they possessed since their formation centuries before.


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