The Highlands of Scotland have some of the best roads in the world for biking. Every corner taken, every view stopped for and admired, every mile of tarmac covered – it all provides you with an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s being trained on the Highland roads or developing unique skills while seeing this amazing country on a bike tour, History Matters Ltd promises you the experience of a lifetime!

Single Track roads

Single Track roads


As Driving Vehicle and Standards Agency qualified Direct Access Instructors, we are able to offer motorbike training to all ages and standards. This covers everyone, whether you have never been on a bike before or are getting ready to sit your ‘big’ bike test. We also offer refresher training for people wanting to come back to biking after a long break.


Bike tours - this is a sign you get to know very well!

Bike tours – this is a sign you get to know very well!


They say that Skye’s the limit when you go on a tour in Scotland, but it’s the roads that get you to Skye that really count. We have two types of tour available:

Self ride – Bringing your own bikes to Scotland is one of the best ways to see everything on offer before you get to the best bit! We can meet you anywhere ‘North of the Border’ and take you on some fantastic roads to get up into the Highlands. We try where possible to stay off the tourist trail and depending on your experience, can introduce you to some technical riding involving very tight corners, very small roads and very curious wildlife! Added to that is finding out much more about Scotland’s history and people and sampling the delights of the unique food and drink that Scotland has to offer. Every tour will be discussed with you before you get here and will truly be unique to what it is you want to see and do.

Fly/Ride – The same best bits from the ‘self ride’ option, but you’ll be met at Inverness airport and transported to pick up your bikes from a nearby town. From there, our support vehicle will take your luggage to the first night’s accommodation, leaving us to get on with the ‘serious’ business of riding some amazing routes. We’ll repeat this every day with your luggage being taken ahead, leaving the bike light for maximum riding enjoyment. Then, when the riding is done, we’ll take you back to the airport for your flight back home with some unforgettable memories to cherish about your time here in Scotland.

Bike tours

Please get in touch through our contact tab to find out more about the first steps on your journey of a lifetime.