Medieval Props


Here at History Matters Ltd, we can create any event using history as a theme. We have the know-how, the theatrical props and most importantly; the people, to transform the norm into the spectacular!

Historical Education – Quite often, History can be seen as a dry, boring and dusty subject that’s something to painfully sit through and endure. We change that by the use of interpretation and interaction! Whatever and whenever the subject, we engage our audiences (young and old alike) to actively participate in the activities that we are engaged in. We treat history like an onion – sometimes it can make your eyes water, but peeling back the layers can be infinitely rewarding.

Historical Entertainment – You name the time and we’ll quite literally be there! We firmly believe that every event can have historical entertainment added to it, adding another dimension for the guests to enjoy. Whether it’s real life characters from any point in history, or fictional characters from any number of sources, we can provide them all. One thing we guarantee, whether it’s your event or one of our events, you’ll go home having been fully entertained by History Matters Ltd.

Banquets – A feast for all of the senses as the guests are invited to dress up and join in a variety of themed events. These can be historically based (e.g. Medieval banquets), theme based (e.g. Pirate feasts, Oscar awards ceremonies, Spy nights etc) or corporate banquets for specific clients and calendar events (e.g. Awards ceremonies at annual dinners, St Andrew’s dinner, Christmas meals etc). From the multi-course fine dining experience; through to single course meal and a show, our award winning catering team have something for everyone. See our Banquet tab for more infomation.


A noble's house flags

Travelling Tavern – A themed tavern or bar specific to any event, we provide any style of food and drink as required by the organisers. The possibilities are limitless with the tavern, ranging from History Festivals, Highland Games, Boat Festivals, Corporate Functions and Music Events to name but a few.

Murder Mystery evenings – A sit down meal or stand alone event, Murder Mystery events are proving more and more popular around Scotland. The guests are involved throughout the whole event, examining evidence laid before them and helping to find out the murderer amongst them.

Ghost Tours – Gruesome myths and legends from Scotland’s rich heritage come to life in gory detail for our clients. With live performers and a huge range of props, we are able to transform any venue into a spooky experience that is fun for all the family.

Christmas events – A fun experience for all of the family with a panto-style presentation involving good and bad fairies and Santa and his elves. This event also includes face painting, kiddies magician, crafty monkey activities and a chance to visit Santa in his grotto. Catering is dependent on what the client requires, but it usually involves a lot of sweets! Alternatively, the grounds of a venue can be used to create a ‘winter wonderland’ experience for adults and children alike.

Fairy Tales and Celtic Myths – Costumed performers bring traditional fairy tales and myths from around the world to life in our interactive tours. From Little Red Riding Hood to Selkies, Rapunzel to Salamanders, there are hundreds of traditional stories waiting for you to experience.


We deliver Celtic Myths and Legends

Fire Festivals – Based around the pre-Christian calendar, we organise festivals of fire, including arial performers, fire staffs, labyrinths, fire poi and costumed performers to bring these festivals of light to life.

Son et Lumiere – With any number of different sized marquees set up in an area looking onto the grounds or venue (e.g. Castle walls), the evening consists of a tour of the grounds, followed by a 3 course meal and is finished with the castle walls or grounds being illuminated in a Son et Lumiere show. Ideal for corporate events, this can also serve as a stand-alone event, or an evening event following on from a show during the day. Alternatively, a walk through the castle with each area having a different light and sound performance brings another dimension to this event.

Trading events – As a backdrop to any history event, traditional traders can add another dimension to the visitors’ experiences. We have a large portfolio of traders covering a vast number of different products to sell.

Theatre Performances – Taking the re-enactment concept onto the stage, our theatre performances are usually scripted to last for at least an hour. Whether it is an Interactive or first person interpretation performance, they all provide entertainment for our audiences.

Gala Days – Providing fun for all ages throughout the local community, our gala days have proven to be a big hit. Gala days can be linked to a specific calendar event (e.g. Halloween, Easter, Christmas etc) or as a stand-alone event for family day out. This would usually move away from the History element of a show, opening up to a different style of audience who come along to see local traders, bouncy castles, local club demonstrations etc. Gala days can also be linked in to car boot sales, depending on the size of the available area.

Event management – Team building, Corporate fun days, guided tours, artist retreats, music festivals to name but a few. As well as organising our own events, we’ve been involved in helping out at all levels of event planning and delivery.